Conferences / Lectures

17-18 March 2016 Participation in the Project Meeting of COST Action DigiLitEY, representing Greece, on Digital Literacy and Multimodal Practices of young children, Larnaca, Cyprus

30 March 2016, Translation as a tool in teaching foreign languages, talk in a day-conference of the Panhellenic Association of Translators on "An Event on Translation", Ionian Centre, Plaka, Athens

16-17 April 2016 A Course of English for pre-school children with the cartoon of Barbie, talk/presentation at the National Conference of Neos Pedagogos, Eugenides Foundation, Athens

27-29 April 2017 "Children's engagement in learning and the intake of information in technologically mediated communication environments." a talk/presentation at the InfoKid 2017 conference at the Reading Society, Corfu, Greece

3-5 May 2018 “All Those New Words: Now you See them; Now you Don’t.”, presentation at the international conference NETTIES 2018 at the Reading Sociecy Corfu, Greece

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