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Graduate of English Literature, University of Athens
Graduate of Civil Engineering, NTUA


1984 Graduation from ARSAKEION High School (High Merit)
1984 - 1986 North-East Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT):
CGE A Levels (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English)
1986 - 1992 National Technical University of Athens – department of civil engineering (Major: Transportation Engineering)
1997 - 2003 National Capodistrian University of Athens – DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH (major: linguistics) (High Merit)


1998 - 2015 Oxford University Press, UK – Author, Editor, Translator

  • Author of Educational Material of English as a Foreign Language, specialising in Lexis/Vocabulary Books (See next page – Publications)
  • Author / Editor of Vocabulary Practice and Development books (Study Companions) for the Greek market (See next page – Publications)
  • Editor of Grammar Books for the Greek market (See next page – Publications)
  • Translator / Editor of the Greek webpage of OUP
  • Author / Editor of Lexis/Vocabulary Wordlists for OUP coursebooks for all levels, for the Greek market
  • Author of lesson plans / course plan building schemes for Greek language schools, where OUP materials are being taught

2011 - 2012 Hyphen publishing
Author / Editor of Vocabulary Practice and Development books (Study Companions) for the Greek market (See next page – Publications)

2011 - 2012 Pedio Publishing
Author of Language Coursebooks for young learners (pre-school) (See next page – Publications)

1995 - 2005 Linguaphone Institute - Athens

  • Director of Studies (2001 – 2005)
  • Teacher Trainer – responsible for training Linguaphone teachers on various subjects (methodology, language awareness, class management, etc.)
  • Author of Educational Material of English as a Foreign Language (See next page – Publications)
  • English Teacher specializing in terminology: technical, financial, management, advertising, etc.

1999 –2003 Commercial Bank of Greece Training Centre

  • English Language and Terminology Teacher
  • Author of custom-made materials to cover the Centre’s syllabus (See next page – Publications)
  • Seminars on Banking and Finance (Terminology)

1996 - 1998 ICON Consulting, Athens
Seminars on Business Communication and Terminology

1995 - 1999 British Council
Examinations Supervisor


2016 «AN EVENT ON TRANSLATION»: a lecture on “Translation as a tool in teaching foreign languages”, Day-conference of the Panhellenic Association of Translators, Ionian Centre, Plaka, March 2016

2016 NATIONAL CONFERENCE “NEOS PEDEGOGOS”: presentation of “A Course of English for pre-school children with the cartoon of Barbie”, Eugenides Foundation, Athens, April 2016


1995 Teaching Methodology & Resource Materials for Linguaphone Courses (Basic/Elementary & Intermediate)

1996 Adaptation/Writing of GR Handbooks: FastLane Linguaphone Courses (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German)

1997 Adaptation/Writing of Linguaphone 2000 Handbook – English Course (Basic to Pre-Intermediate)

1997 Grammar & Practice Materials for the Linguaphone 2000 (Basic & Elementary)

1998 - 1999 The Grammar Champions 1, 2 & 3, OUP (Editing of Greek – A, B, C classes)

1999 Writing of Countdown to FC – Study Companion, OUP (Pre-FCE)

1999 Translation/Adaptation of Language of Love, Linguaphone

2000 Linguaphone Courseguides (Compilation of weekly plans for the Linguaphone Franchise Network – all levels)

2000 Writing of Kickstart – Study Companion, OUP (D class)

2001 Editing of Masterclass CPE – Study Companion, OUP

2001 Linguaphone On-Line Placement Test - Linguaphone (Compilation of Grammar & Vocabulary, Editing of Reading & Listening)

2000 - 2003 OUP Courseguides (Compilation of weekly plans for OUP courses – all levels)

2002- 2003 Editing of Grammar Team 2 - OUP (B class)

2002- 2003 Writing of Finance and Banking Terminology course - for ΣΤΕΠ (Intermediate level)

2003- 2004 Writing of Masterclass FCE – Study Companion, OUP (FCE level)

2007 Writing of CAE Result – Study Companion, OUP (CAE level)

2007 Compilation & translation of Alphabetical Wordlist of ECPE Result – Companion, OUP (CPE level)

2008 Translation of CAE Result Alphabetical wordlist into Greek, OUP (CAE level)

2008 Writing of Fast Class – Companion, OUP (FCE level)

2010 Writing of Quest B1 – Companion, OUP (Senior B level)

2011 Writing of ECCE Result – Companion, OUP (FCE level)

2012 Writing of Spin 1-2-3 – Companion, HYPHEN SA (Senior A, B, C levels)

2012 Writing of Proficiency Masterclass – Companion, OUP (CPE level)

2013 Writing of Βarbie Fun to Learn English – 8 volume course, Εκδόσεις ΠΕΔΙΟ σε συνεργασία με MATTEL Inc (Junior A & B levels)

2014 Revision of Masterclass FCE – Companion, OUP (FCE level)

2014 Revision of Advanced Result – Companion, OUP (CAE level)

2014 Revision of First Result – Companion, OUP (FCE level)

2015 Writing of Oxford Discover – Vocabulary and Grammar Supplement, OUP (B, C, D levels)

2016 An English course for pre-school children with the use of Barbie cartoon – paper for Neos Pedagogos Congress, Athens April 2016

2016 Revision of Oxford Discover 2, 3, 4 – Vocabulary and Grammar Supplement, OUP (B, C, D levels)

2016 Writing of Family and Friends 1 & 2 - Vocabulary and Grammar Supplements (Junior A & B levels)

2017 "Children's engagement in learning and the intake of information in technologically mediated communication environments." 28-30 April InfoKid conference 2017 The Reading Society, Corfu, Greece

2018 Inclusion: Enhancing 65+ Access to Improved job opportunities via education and social support. Policy brief for COST Action IS140


Participation in work groups for planning and materialization for the following European co-funded projects:

1999 - 2001 «ΘΡΑΝΙΟ» - EPET II / 1.3 research contract – Reusable educational units based on Internet technology software and Virtual Reality.

1999 - 2001 «ELECTRON – OIL» - LEONARDO DA VINCI research contract: Foreign Language Evaluation Processes pertaining to real-time distance training with the use of Virtual Reality technology.

1999 - 2001 «LEARN» - LEONARDO DA VINCI research contract: pilot programme for education with the use of experimental interactive networks – databases.

2001 - 2002 «POWERNET» - ADAPT research contract: innovative actions in the field of Electrical Power Production, specifically in matters of safety at the workplace.

2001 EUROPE: ONE COUNTRY – 13 LANGUAGES – TOWARDS THE SUCCESS OF THE GREATEST INTERNATIONAL EVENT (EU COUNT 13) research contract : aiming at raising awareness and bringing young people in contact with 13 European languages, as an additional means towards the successful organization of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004.

2002 ROCKS: ROAD COSTS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMConstructions Institute (IOK) research contract: translation / adaptation of constructions costing system

2015- ΤΕΕ: «Development of Scientific Expertise Management Systems, Administrative Procedures and Information » – research contract: text analysis / key words selection for the digitized material of the Library of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE)

  • Greek (Native)
  • English (Near-native)
  • French (Very good)
  • Spanish (Good)
  • Italian (Basic)

Dance (student of classical dance, 1982-1988 – 2 years in a professional dancing school, 1986-1988)
Volunteer work (member of the Greek Girl Guides Association)

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